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April 15, 2018 joanmatsuiphotographer

One day about a month ago, I received a query from Dale Clark, Association of Learning (AOL) content manager ( He was considering a sponsored post on HTTP:// and offered me an opportunity to take and review one of AOL’s courses. I accepted his offer and chose the online Photography course. That was four weeks ago and I’ve only begun to delve into the material but it’s so well-organized and my adviser has been so responsive to my questions. I want my subscribers to know AOL offers an array of categories with more than 400 courses from animal welfare to teaching-related in online and paper format. The home learning courses are compliant with current regulations, are regularly updated, and include tutor support and certification (within the purchase price).

Unit 1 focuses on building a foundation with essential tools aspiring photographers need to know.

  • An introduction to digital photography
  • Digital photographic composition
  • The practicalities of digital photography
  • Applying your digital photographic skills

Students can take an exam after completing the course (Four Units) and earn a certificate.

Stay tuned for additional information or visit and register today.

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