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The search for high-quality stock photos begins here. This website is our answer to a call from authors and businesses who are looking for images that are both historical and contemporary. That’s how jstockphotos.com was born. We aim to please.

My team and I are extremely responsive and reactive to writers, publishing-related companies, newspapers and publications, and cover designers who are not finding the images they need – images that will speak to their readers.

Authors will discover idyllic, picturesque, and fairy-tale-like images that will bring their coveted novels and nonfiction to life. The best part is if you don’t find an image that suits your project, we will do our best to fulfill your needs.

We have a team of models (multiracial) and a costumier with more than 40 years of experience available to create your idea of the perfect book cover.

Scroll down to view available images in our three catalogs and visit often as we continually add new images.

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"There’s only one ideal image – the one that best suits your needs. My passion for photography is synonymous with thought-provoking, high-quality images that eloquently convey your message to your clients.Your success is our success!"
Joan Mead-Matsui
Our Team

Meet Joan Mead-Matsui

Travel Writer and Photographer

I provide my clients with a diverse range of stock images to suit their everyday needs. The models bring their unique qualities, creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to every photo shoot.

Our Team


I offer exceptional quality author and everyday stock images and custom photography services ranging from on-site and on-location headshots for business, social media, dating sites, and editorial. Our quality standards apply also in terms of service, technical expertise and advice.

I’ll be happy to assist you with finding the image. Contact me with any questions you might have.

Victorian Charm Author Book Cover Stock Image

You’ve written a fabulous book you’re ready to share with the world. Find your perfect cover photo here or tell us what you want. YES! You can custom order your stock image here.


Discover the nuances of cultures and landscapes in regions of the world you’ve never seen. You’ll find images of peoples and cultures that can be used for a variety of publishing projects or enlarged as wall art.

As a travel writer, journalist, and photographer, I have a collection of images from landscapes to people pix I’d love to share with you. My goal is to offer you the photo you’ve been searching for on the internet.

Our site will be fully operational in the coming days, but in the meantime, please sign up for our feed/mailing list so you can stay on top of new images as they arrive.

Why offer Children’s stock?

Simply because kids’ books’ authors deserve their own collection of photos and illustrations.

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Our Photography

I believe in photography that speaks for itself. Browse my gallery below
and enjoy a growing selection of stock photos. The models speak of romance and love, history, intrigue, mystery, and a zest for life. You’ll discover spectacular color and black and white everyday stock images.

My Desk From Above
Sennheiser HD 598
My Girlfriend
The beauty of Victorian Charm is accented with an heirloom hydrangea in a romantic setting.
A Good Friend
Jesus Saves
When the need to find stock images for a variety of purposes, you'll find them here or request a custom image.


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